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As this project is about promoting the possibility of implementing positive change this page works as 'food for thought' to help consider how this process could work in the overall theatre industry. There are endless areas and discussions to explore when analysing this work but the following questions aim to start the process of analysis.

Does the process of metamorphosis work as a long term solution for sustainable costume?


How successful is the process of drawing on the key traits to represent character in its basic format? And how much character can actually be shown from just the key traits?


Does this process successfully modernise historical practices to suit the needs of modern theatre audiences? 


Can the process of trickery and surprise that makes this costume successful the first time, continue to show the character over and over?


How active do audiences, actors, and other agents in the process of the show need to be to translate the deeper meanings of the character that the costume does not show explicitly?


Can this process be implemented, and if so how, into other sections of scenography and theatre to aid the overall sustainability of our craft?


What does the relationship between designer and supervisor look like under this process? 


How does this process fit in within the overall change happening in, and separate to, theatre to create a greener planet?

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