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Research Questions:

The impact of climate change is now at a crucial turning point in regards to its effects on our planet and theatre is facing a crucial decision to take part in positive sustainable change. Recently, there have been sustainable initiatives placed in society and these practices look to the past and modernise aspects of historical processes to make our lives more environmentally friendly. In response to this, through a process of PaR, I ask the following questions:

Throughout our society we all work within a realm of limitations, whilst some of these restrictions are self-imposed, through personal aims and objectives, some come about through external factors. How can costume designers adapt their practice to work in line with environmental restrictions and turn these ‘restrictions’ into creative opportunities?


How can costume scenography revisit and adopt historical practices from theatre and the textile industry (specifically from the pre-consumer era) to preserve and enrich the continuing variety of present day theatre costume?


Metamorphosis, the process of transformation, here focuses on enhancing sustainability through opportunities of mobility in meaning of a theatrical sign (Jindřich). How can this process of transformation during theatrical performance allow theatre costume to transcend from a material and passive descriptor to a creative tool that enhances the enchantment and affordance of the costume?

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